Nearly every pest you will encounter during your life will only be a ‘pest’ or a nuisance to you and your family.  Even though they do not cause major damage they are simply unsanitary and unsightly to have in your home.  Ants are one such pest that you’ll need the help of a good ant killer to control and manage.  Ants are foraging creatures, they will set up nests and move out and search the local area for food, ants will eat nearly anything including some meats (injured or dying insects) and any plant based foods or nectars.

Ants will have varying tastes from species to species, but most will prefer a sweet food with a liquid or greasy texture.  Almost all ants will avoid solid cake baits (think of hard stale bread, you wouldn’t eat it either), but if given the opportunity, they will eat liquid baits directly from the tube while you’re holding it!  It is simple to treat ants with the proper ant killer bait you can easily kill off if not eliminate your ant problem.

There are other additional measures you will need to take to prevent any ants from returning before you start setting up traps in your home.  Clean the outside of your home, your foundation, window frames and the base of your exterior doors, these are common entrances for many pests including ants, but ants use a pheromone or ‘scented trail’ to guide other foragers to and from the nest and a source of food.  By cleaning the perimeter of your home you eliminate these trails, now you will need to set up a treated perimeter with a residual ant killer so that if any new ants attempt to enter your home they will be killed.

If you have a liquid sprayer you can use a liquid concentrate or you can granules to sprinkle around your home to accomplish this.  After you have cleaned and treated the perimeter of your home and set up baited traps where you see ant activity, then you will be on your way to being ant free.  If you want faster results then you will need to practice some patience, you can dust the ant’s nest with a good dust based ant killer like drione.  Just sit an patiently watch the ants, they will either lead you to the source of their food or their nest, once you find their nest you can dust it and your problems will be gone practically overnight.

Really, there are many different kinds of pest control products that are professional grade, and that can be purchased online. This is nice because it allows anyone to do their own pest control and save money. With ants this is especially important because it’s such a common problem.